We love life, we love to have fun, to feel free, admired and desired.

We feel that our youth is too beautiful and too crazy to keep it to ourselves, hidden under the heavy clothes of inhibition.

You will find us in a discreet place, away from the curious eyes, surrounded by an elegant and refined decor with comfortable sofas, where our drinks and shows will take you to a world where you are the focus of attention and we are there for your pleasure.


It is with pleasure that we offer unique moments and seductive shows to the gentlemen visiting us.

We are in Club Ruby every night, from passion for pole dancing, with a desire to be looked at and admired, for the pleasure of making you, the ones visiting, to enjoy life in a different way.

While you devour us with your eyes, we feel appreciated for the striptease shows we offer, desired for our private lap dancing and every moment spent in your company incites us.

Private Show

A night club becomes more than just a club when every customer feels more free here than at home and we want each of our visitors to feel what it's like when you are encouraged to give up any preconceptions, when you are surrounded by eroticism, when you can choose between a dynamic experience like a private dance or a relaxing experience like erotic massage.

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